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He is a plant engineer since 1991, then in 2005 he graduated in architecture sciences.
Since 2000 he involved in technologies applied to contain operating costs of equipment and buildings.
1998: year of the first design and construction supervision for the installation of a cogeneration plant fueled with natural gas 1MegaWatt 400kW thermal and electrical.
2002: year of the first design, and support to the project manager of a building envelope to rely summer consumption, cooled by convective heat flows in coverage and on the perimeter exposed to the south.
2008: year of the first project totally in heat pump and electric cooking plates in a building not crossed by any line in gas, oil or fossil fuel. high class of performances.
The following year, 2009, he designed the first building in best class of performances (class A) with some units in class A plus (energy = Zero Emissions); realization unfortunately never completed. But in the same year began to apply plant technology and technological and structural even as the recovery of existing buildings and still get performance classes worthy of mention.

The service for the design and consultancy provides many services as a result of the diversification of their knowledge.
Therefore, in addition to the natural discipline of designing electrical systems, heating technology, hydraulics, air ducting, also develops themes related to architecture and design.

Among the projects planned and directed until the end of the pipeline include offices commissioned by public and private sectors in hospitals, private clinics, private pools and parks and gardens with street furniture. Of course, all realizations where skills have been applied plant their study in the field of lighting, air conditioning, and the containment of dispersions as well as in the pools when it is designed for indoor and heated, for example in the halls wellness.

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